First of all I want to thank every single one of y'all for taking a small part out of your day to read my blog! I’m so excited to share about what I find beautiful in life, hence the reason I started this blog. I didn’t have much direction when I first started but I knew what kind of message I wanted to share and I knew the things that brought me happiness in life. 

I am a senior at the University of Texas at Arlington, majoring in Public Relations. I started this blog my sophomore year of college to document day-to-day experiences that bring me joy. This blog serves as a creative outlet as well to express my love for adventure, fashion, travel, Texas and life overall!

I spent my first few years of life living in Los Angeles which is where my creativity in my life sparked. Seeing all the twinkly lights at Disneyland, and expensive shops on Rodeo Drive moved me as a 5 year old girl. I dreamt of Paris, Hollywood, Milan, and cities all over the world. Little did I know that at 7, my parents would move to Arlington, Texas. What kind of plot twist was this! I swore my life was over at the age of 7. That was until I actually experienced Texas and decided I would never leave. To really understand the Texan culture, you have to live here and I promise you won’t find sweeter people or tea anywhere else!

With Love,


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