#NOTW (nails of the week, or every two weeks (; ) - I will be showing y'all the nail polish or set I am wearing that week along with fashions that work with the specific nail color.

My nails are usually done at Fusion Nails & Spa in North Arlington - I have tried many places, but usually end up back here. 

Here I have a light blush DIP set with an added short tip. This matches with any outfit I have on, I tested it. It is so important that I stress the greatness of DIP nails! For one, it does not chip, hellooo. The second thing, most important, DIP does not brittle or thin your nail out, in fact it protects it unlike gel or acrylic. The short nail is necessary for me, I work with kids and move around a lot so long nails are a hazard for me. 


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