What's In My Backpack

OKAY what a fun post. Except it's not, BUT it is extremely helpful. I remember being 11 or 12 years old and searching "school supply organization" or "whats in my purse" on YouTube. This truly makes me reminisce because I remember absolutely loving those type of organization videos, so I decided to collaborate those two concepts into what I thought would be helpful to share.

So to begin, this is the holy grail - my backpack. I am aware of how silly this sounds but I have had this baby since my junior year of high school and it is still going strong. #4years #teardrop

I even had my initials engraved in pink, this is the love of my life people.
The North Face has truly outdone itself with this gem. 

With that being said, I am going to show y'all my backpack essentials:

- Mini Survival Kit

- Color Coordinated Journals and Folders

-Laptop and Sleeve

-Honorable Mention: my charger and earbuds, love u guys 

Mini Survival Kit - I cannot explain the help with little bag is! Running around from class to class barely leaves me any time to refresh or touch up throughout the day so I packed this little guy for being "On The Go"

Here are a few things I keep in my bag to just touch up throughout the day such as chapstick, masacra, and a small blush kit.
HAHA the Oreos are my go to but I sometimes add a granola bar or fruit snacks, and of course gum to get rid of the after taste.


I color coded my journals and folders for easier access and handling. I used the AVERY Color Coding stickers from Target (you can honestly find them anywhere).  This is my third school year using them and they stick perfectly! I like to put them in order when I set them in my backpack just to it is that easier to pull them out for each class.

 I obviously keep the specific classes papers and
 docs in the folder and have the journal for notes right behind it.
Last thing in my backpack is my planner. By no means do I have a cute planner or form of organization for it.  I literally jot down whatever is at the top of my head and I have no time to make it cute, sorry! Also, these colorful PaperMate pens are my favorite and only ones I use.
Lastly, my laptop! My backpack has a sleeve in which I tuck it into and it is out of my way until I need it!

Again stripes! 

Thank you all so much for reading! These are the things that I love to toss into my backpack and make school fun! If y'all have any other ideas or neat supplies let me know!


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