First Monday Trade Days! - Canton, TX

This past month I finally made a trip to First Monday Trade Days and it was too good. I was able to find several steals without having to really DIG for things! As I prepare to move back home I decided to stick with a traditional and rustic feel in my soon to be little "den". 

For those of you who are not aware of what FTMD is, it is basically a giant flea/farmers market - vendors all across Texas gather in the city of Canton, TX to showcase and sell their products. I truly loved all of the rustic products and decor I came across. With that being said I'm sharing the items that I picked up.


Y'all. This was probably my favorite piece and it was only $60 even! This calf hide rug is so soft and smells so good, as weird as that sounds. The vendor had multiple styles and colors - I specifically chose this one with a balance of white and dark brown to match the neutral colors in my future living space. Goat hides ($39) and larger cow hides ($99+) were also available.

I added the calf hide to my vanity display as an accent. 


Why the "L" not - I traveled to this market knowing this was an item I wanted to buy, a low cost of $30! I had seen large metal letters for sale around the DFW area for half its size and double its cost. You bet I was excited to see this piece leaned up against a table waiting for me. Can y'all imagine this being apart of an accent wall? I really love incorporating initials into decor - it gives it a real homey feel.

The "L" was originally rusted and a burnt orange color, but I decided to spray paint it to my my room!


This was definitely a splurge, siting right at $420...but is it not stunning? We ended up getting a lower price on it because we paid it with cash (read the tips below for more info). This ties in the rustic and farmhouse feel that I wanted. The tiny wooden sliding doors kiillled me, how cute. The faded white painting adds a great country feel.

I plan to make this a coffee bar, but still settling in! A large TV will be filling up the extra wall space, as well! 


This next item is just detail decor that is a great way to incorporate a Texas theme into my living area. Dark wood is a favorite of mine and of course I love my blankets. This wooden ladder was only $25 and I threw a serape on top - love the Tex-Mex combo! (Thank you Ms. Lisa for grabbing me the serape while visiting San Miguel de Allende, Mexico!)

These are just extra pictures of what they had to offer! The food for sale was too good, especially the sweet tea on hot day



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