Christmas Decorating!

The season of decorating and giving has begun and I cannot be more excited to share how I got into the holiday spirit...maybe a little too early. 

As most of y'all have probably read or seen online, decorating for Christmas a little earlier happens to make you a happier person! Whether it is true or not, decorating has put me in the Christmas spirit for sure. With that being said, I want you all to know that my momma is the influence behind all of my ideas. It was amazing to watch her decorate our house growing up, I loved her patience and intention of trying to make our house a HOME. Now that I have a little more control of my living area, I am excited to share how I decorated my room! I could not have done it without Target or Hobby Lobby though - especially with Hobby Lobby's discount of 50% off ALL holiday items. I'll be sure to link all of the items I bought.

Red Blanket
Fa La La Pillow
Merry Christmas Pillow
I want to start with my favorite thing, my bed! Growing up, my dad assured me that the first thing I should ever do when I wake up is make my bed. I thought the concept was the silliest thing but it truly taught me discipline and how to appreciate a well made bed. Coming home to find my bed made, makes my harder days better. It also provides a sense of peace and comfort knowing that the place where you lie  is clean! 

Now that you all know how much I love my bed, I want to share the inspiration behind it. First, I LOVE neutral colors; they are relaxing and clean! Keeping my beige comforter and pillows made it easier to add items that would match. The plaid red blanket adds an old-school homey feel while contributing a bright color to the area. Adding pillows to your bed makes it seem full and inviting. Only 2 other pillows were added to my layout and I made sure to keep the black, white, brown, gray color scheme: 1. Fa La La pillow 2. We Wish You A Merry Christmas pillow. 

Burlap Tree Collar

Onto the cowboy tree, it is a tiny staple! The tree stands at about 5'5 and was simple to decorate! In case you haven't noticed, the farmhouse/rustic look is a go-to of mine, so my little tree would not fall short.
Red was such a great color to add in the room as it keeps the Christmas theme, adds color to the neutrality of the room, and is my favorite color -naturally it was my color of choice for the ornaments. Using the "lasso" I bought, I intertwined it in the tree's arms. The tree's lights went out last year, so I grabbed a set for only $5 at Hobby Lobby! My last purchase was the burlap tree skirt and it perfectly matched the rope I added. The cowboy hat and red bandana were items I already owned, yet they were put to good use!

Dec. 25 Wall Decor
Ok, maybe this is my favorite spot. As you can see, red accents are here too! The "naughty" and "nice" pillows are the cutest things I got and they are too soft (again, the color stands out from the beige seats). The little candle I have lit is called "Cookies and Milk" and sits in a mason jar...just wow. On the wall I added the clipboard with DEC. 25 on it, it fit perfectly with the other rusted decor I have hung. 

Hot Chocolate Bar
 K Cups

Of course, it is not Christmas without hot chocolate. Too bad I drink more coffee, but you know "sip happens". Anyway, I love having this little area because it is so inviting and allows me to bond with my family or friends over a small cup of whatever you want. Again, red detailing in the sign and K Cups. Call me crazy, but I picked out the coffee I was going to drink based on their cup color. I was excited that Target had these little red classic blend K Cups.

Dog Scarf
If you have made it this far into the blog post, you get to see this super cute picture of Prada. (Yes, she wants me to link her bandana collar as well). 

Now, I want to share that price is not what adds value to decor or a room, in my opinion. Surrounding myself with objects that make me happy, bring back memories, or reflect who I am, make ME happy. I cannot stress the importance of adding decor that reflects who you are, it makes a room that much more meaningful to you. Please enjoy my contribution to Christmas and decor! 


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