New Apartment - Finally Moving Out!

Good morning! (as I type this post at noon) I recently moved out of my sweet home where I lived for the past 12 years of my life and I am here to share every detail with you guys. Giving y'all a little background, there was no need for me to really move out. I was 8 minutes away from my college campus and did not have any trouble transporting back and forth. My job was even closer to where I lived. Living with my parents was not an issue, but I really thought this was necessary for my personal growth. 

I moved out with my sister and friend which made the process of living outside of home far more bearable. Decorating and getting to settle into my apartment has by far been my favorite part of it all! Sticking with a modern and clean look was what was voted on (my roomies were not fans of my farmhouse look). We all decided to stick with stainless steel appliances and a black and white color palate. BTW, thank you IKEA for the minimalist decor - less is definitely more!

The balcony is just across from the dining table so we get so much natural light
Can we appreciate those black and white striped placemats 

 Needless to say it was so much fun from the shopping to stocking our kitchen shelves. BUT WAIT. Just when I thought the decor had my heart, the architecture of my apartment is what really made me fall in love with it. The amount of windows and natural light we get in here is mesmerizing. 

I moved in mid is now October and I am still working on my bedroom and bathroom so you can say I procrastinate a little bit. Following are unfinished pictures of those two rooms. 

My desk area, I obviously like quotes. Again, I do not have updated pictures of my room so this is not quite what it looks like anymore. 

This feels so empty! I have added so much to my bathroom since I moved in and I will share those pictures once it is ALL complete! 
For now that is all I have to share until my apartment is completely ready to show off! But I am so pumped to continue this journey, I have made so many memories within the past two months from our trying to make a grocery list to our 2 am Whataburger runs. Cannot wait to share more with y'all. 


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