Lulu Pops by Lina - Calling All Dessert Enthusiasts

Cookies and pretzels are great for a New Years party platter
(or sweet Instagram post)
These are a few of the items being sold for New Years. I literally just plated the cookies and set pops in a mason jar for an effortless display. 

A fairly new bakery located in Arlington, Texas has tugged on my heart strings! From the aesthetic to the taste of their desserts, Lulu Pops by Lina has done it all. 

Lina Eltawil, Lulu's owner, has confirmed that they have treats for every holiday and custom order! However, macarons are by far my favorite pastry and Lulu Pops has raised the bar. The flavors are  unique and tasty- Fruity Pebbles, Biscoff, and Nutella being my top 3.

Top to Bottom: Dipped Pretzels covered in sprinkles,
2019 Dipped Oreo, NYE Funfetti Bar, and Iced Cookies
Sealed for authenticity ;)

Not to mention that macarons and cake pops are always $1 each on Saturdays (they alternate every week, which is more exciting!) This has definitely allowed me to stock up on goodies for everyday events. The creativity really struck me with their Twix and Snickers cake pops.

Lina has dedicated time on a reputable and delicious Keto friendly menu. With an in house coffee station, Lulu Pops by Lina is sure to have a perfect treat for you.

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