Aruba was by far one of my favorite places to visit! The tiny island was a perfect getaway with so many options. 

Airbnb: We decided to stay in an Airbnb because it allowed for more flexibility. It was super convenient as we were in the Bubali neighborhood, only 5 minutes from the beach. We were able to grocery shop at the beginning of the trip and keep groceries stocked - this was perfect for the days we were too tired to dress up to go eat!

Transportation: Renting a car was the best option for us. Aruba is such a tiny island, it takes about an hour to reach the opposite end, so why not sight see at our leisure? It was easy to park around a very popular strip on the island too. This was a comfortable option especially when you are just trying to get somewhere fast!

Beaches: The beaches in Aruba are truly one of a kind! A few of my favorite beaches: Palm Beach, Arashi Beach, Eagle Beach, & Baby Beach. You can bet on turquoise water and very, very little seaweed. Palm Beach is home to Bugaloe, the cutest little pier bar. The staff is amazing and so are the foods and drinks! This was our fallback spot throughout the trip, make sure you try the Aruba Ariba, the island's signature drink!


Flamingo Beach: Aside from the beaches I mentioned, there is truly a one of a kind beach in Aruba. This is going to be Flamingo Beach and it is private beach, property of the Renaissance Hotel. You can find yourself swimming with flamingos and catching a glimpse of iguanas! The flamingos are very photogenic and tourist friendly, as long as you feed them! There is a little vending machine where you can purchase the flamingo food for a quarter! The flamingos FLOCK to you because of it! This was one of my favorite things to do in Aruba. It really puts a bow on the overall experience. How can you NOT visit the flamingos in Aruba? Access to the beach is highly limited which is a bummer but does ensure quality. Tickets to access the beach go on sale 24 hours prior to the date of visit. We were glued to our computer screen at 7 a.m. hoping to catch tickets! Staying at the Renaissance Hotel does guarantee access to the beach, but it is one of the most expensive stays on the island. The destination is a fun 15-minute boat ride off the coast of the Renaissance hotel and highly recommend it to anyone!

Dining: There are many dining options on the Palm Beach Strip! We ate at Chicken and Lobster, one of my favorite places on the island. This is the perfect fine dining option located on the strip. But to be honest, our favorite thing was easting at little shacks off the pier and coast. Like I mentioned earlier, Bugaloe was our to-go place and right on the beach! I also had the famous acai bowls from Eduardo's Beach Shack


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