Birthday Post // 21 Blessings

Hi, y'all! During this downtime,  I thought I would reflect on my 21st birthday! The inspiration for this post comes from one of my favorite bloggers, Kate from Lonestar Southern!

First legal drink with my dad!

Turning 21 was such a turning point for me & not just because I was able to legally buy alcohol. Instead, it was because I took the time to realize how much I have grown in all aspects of life. I reflected on all that I've experienced. The day of my 21st, I celebrated with the people that mean most to me and I will never forget how special y'all made me feel.

With all that said, I am taking note of 21 blessings.

  1. Jesus - & this is the biggest blessing that I fall back on. 
  2. Rocky road ice cream, or all desserts for that matter. 
  3. Slow-paced mornings, the kind that let you sink into your bed a little longer...the kind that let you test out multiple shades of lipstick colors before picking the right one. 
  4. A healthy body that allows me to move and live comfortably.
  5. Cinnamon tea.
  6. The unique relationships that I have with each of my family members.
  7. Fireworks, bonfires, & fireplaces.
  8. Travel, from the smallest towns to the most populated cities. 
  9. 80's movies & country music.
  10. America & Texas, of course.
  11. Black dresses & a good pair of blue jeans.
  12. A bed that soaks up all of my feelings. 
  13. My car has been with me since I was 16. 
  14. Rainy days.
  15. Elizabeth Velasco, my momma, she needs extra recognition.
  16. Outstanding educators & mentors, the ones that have made me feel so capable.
  17. Security that my parents provided me - extra thanks to you, Dad.
  18. A small & kindred friend circle.
  19. People that smile without reason. 
  20. A good manicure.
  21. Arenas/Stadiums - worlds that I will forever remember.


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